Audinc4Work – Gehoorbescherming

Audinc4Work – Gehoorbescherming

About us

Otoplastics (hearing protection) – tailor- made – for your employees with optimal service.

It is our mission to keep everyone safe in too much noise. We are therefore happy to advise you on the best fitting otoplastics for you and your employees.

Audinc hearing protection benefits

* Above all, free new set in case of loss or leakage
* Perfect custom fit for perfect hearing protection
* Optimal wearing comfort
* Anti-allergic material
* Barely visible when worn (or when needed, yes!)
* Special filters possible, including filters with flat attenuation
* Both complete sealing as attenuation possible with
speech intelligibility.
* Available in different colors, including transparent.
* Includes handy storage pouch
* Handles or strings are available for various products.
* Competitive prices, fast delivery.

On location
Our otometrists are happy to come to you on location for measurements, information, the hearing test, checks and maintenance. If desired, it is also possible to have noise measurements carried out on the work floor so that the hearing protection is adjusted to the current noise situation.

Creating support is essential. We regularly give interactive presentations about sound, hearing and hearing protection. We have also been able to tool-boxes (interactive presentations) we have already been able toteams around protecting their hearing. On location, of course.

Already provided?
Try us out and see if you like our earplugs & service better.

Audinc Online Portal
With the Audinc Online Portal you always have access to an up-to-date overview of users and product data. In this portal, the personal data per employee are registered such as; product, filter, department, specifications of hearing measurement, date of first use and date of last check-up. For the annual check-up you will automatically receive a call.

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