Dijksterhuis & van Baaren gedragsverandering

Dijksterhuis & van Baaren gedragsverandering

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At D&B we are specialized in human behavior. We help you to understand the psychology behind behavior and show how you can change your behavior successfully and for a long time.

Human behavior is fascinating. Research shows that people do not always act rationally, but that they are constantly influenced by their environment without them noticing. As a result, human behavior can also be a persistent obstacle. Think of employees who do not adhere to safety protocols or do not use personal protective equipment (in the right way) despite the importance of their own safety.

Simply explaining what the desired behavior is, rarely leads to behavioral change. An approach is often more effective if you respond well to the motives and resistance of your employees and therefore know what is holding them back and motivating them. We help you to gain insight into this, to develop appropriate measures and to measure the effect thereof.

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