Eco-Point Nederland BV

Eco-Point Nederland BV

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Eco-Point replaces, among other things, dangerous and volatile products such as thinners, acetone, brake cleaner and glue removers with danger-free products.
Are you responsible for the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment within your company?
Do you want to get rid of volatile, flammable, harmful, aggressive or CMR-containing substances in your company?
Then feel free to visit our stand and be informed about our safe, danger-symbol-free alternatives that Eco-Point can offer you!

Does your company have an expensive Atex area? Do you have safes for the storage of volatile solvents and do you pay an expensive fire insurance policy? Then visit our stand and be informed about our fire-safe alternatives.

Every company in the Netherlands is obliged to draw up an RI&E (Risk Assesment). In practice, less than 50% of the companies actually have one.
Part of the RI&E is to make an inventory list of all hazardous substances within the company.
We can help you with this by using our free Quickscan? Hereby we scan the products that are currently used by your employees. To which hazardous substances do they get exposed? Is your safety data sheet still up to date? We take work off your hands and offer you our danger-free alternatives!

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