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Infralektra BV

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Infralektra focuses on supplying products for electricians in the low, medium and high voltage network. We focus on a number of product groups in which PPE plays an important role. We distinguish ourselves with all kinds of tested arc-resistant products such as helmets, hoods, gloves, knife cartridge pullers, etc. But you can also contact us from insulated tools, lock out tag out to insulated cable cutters.
We purchase arc-resistant clothing from various factories. We are a dealer of the Tranemo brand.
Furthermore, we carry the brands Sonel and Testboy for all kinds of measuring tools, which means that we are able to supply a wide range.
In addition to these dealerships, we also supply medium voltage plugs of the Südkabel brand, and we distribute medium voltage fuses of the ABB brand. In addition, we also supply foundation granules for tension cabinets.

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