Knifeline bvba

Knifeline bvba

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“Safe cutting” and “worker safety” are Knifeline’s top priorities. That is why we distribute high-quality safety cutting tools like safety cutters, safety scissors and unique ceramic safety knives to avoid cutting injuries in the workplace. In this way, Knifeline keeps your workers safe and productive and helps you to avoid unnecessary medical costs.

One of our key services is to visit your company or workplace to discuss, together with your staff who work with cutting tools on a daily basis, the current cutting problems. This allows us to offer efficient solutions and expert advice.

Perhaps you are experiencing an enormous cutting problem in a specific area and you can’t find a proper solution? Together with a specialized designer, Knifeline creates your own cutting tools to achieve your safety goals in a safe and fast way.

We also regularly provide safety trainings and demonstrations to create a safer work environment. We do this online or in the workplace itself.

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