Neskrid 4Allfeet BV

Neskrid 4Allfeet BV

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Neskrid 4Allfeet B.V. is the specialist in the field of (semi-) orthopaedic work and safety footwear. In addition to years of experience in production of fully custom made orthopaedic work and safety footwear, Neskrid started in 2020 with 4Allbrands. With this, Neskrid offers PPE specialists, manufacturers and foot specialists orthopaedic footwear solutions for all makes and models of professional footwear. Our main footwear solution is the (semi-) orthopaedic insole, fully certified and tested in combination with all brands of work and safety footwear. If you are interested in our solutions or our story, please visit our stand or make an appointment with Paul Verhoeven ( / +31 (0)6 5529 8159).

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