Protect valbeveiliging

Protect valbeveiliging

About us

Protect Valbeveiliging is the specialist in roof safety.

Working safely at height? With us you are at the right place.

At Protect valbeveiliging you can find almost everything that has to do with fall protection.
From performing a roof risk inventory and evaluation, to the assembly of various systems.
But also for (annual) testing/inspection of your fall protection. We also have a wide range of fall protection systems and PPE.
Through years of experience and many successful projects, we know a safe solution for every problem.
Thanks to good cooperation between Protect and its suppliers/customers, we can provide you with a quick service.

Protect your fall protection specialist
– RI&E Advice.
– Tests and inspections.
– Assembly by own employees.
– Extensive range of fall protection systems.
– A suitable solution for every problem!

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