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StaticAir is a Dutch producer of fine dust reduction systems to help lower the high concentrations of fine dust PM10 and PM2,5 in industrial production processes with specific adaptability for recycling processes.

While source measures are taken, still millions of people work in daily exposure of PM concentrations that exceed the alarming air quality concentrations in the world’s most polluted cities.

How do people work and perform in dangerous concentrations of fine dust? Do not think fin dust stays within the walls of production areas. Fine dust penetrates deep into next door offices, where valuable personnel experiences the effects on a daily basis (focus, concentration and performance capacity).

There is much to say about toxic, invisible fine dust entering deep into our bodies, causing heart, lung and neurological diseases and cancer. Especial people working in the industrial environment are at risk because of daily exposure to dangerous levels of fine dust.

Today you can make a difference for the health and safety of your employees. Start reducing fine dust, implement StaticAir’s Plug & Play systems which are cost efficient and sustainable.

Make a stand for a healthier work environment! Offer a solution for the wellbeing of production staff and management personnel in offices.

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