Stichting Nederlands Veiligheidsinstituut – NLVI

Stichting Nederlands Veiligheidsinstituut – NLVI

About us

The Dutch Safety Institute (Nederlands Veiligheidsinstituut – NLVI) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to increase awareness for occupational safety, at work and at home.

The NLVI uses the Safety Spotter, a pragmatic, in-company, educational method, that helps workers to recognize dangers and to gain better understanding of possible risks. This will help companies to improve their Risk- and Incident Management.

Through our Real-Life Safety exposition companies and organizations will gain better knowledge of their own safety policies. This will result in faster recognition of risks which lead to a decrease of the number of accidents and personal suffering, treatment and absence costs.

The NLVI offers a unique training the ‘ARBO MASTERCLASS’ in which safety professional are prepared to be better equipped at performing their craft on a master level.

Companies and organizations can benefit as partners, from the large network of business connections (10.500 LinkedIn connections) and the large reach of our advertising possibilities.

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