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A headlamp and PPE in one. The HALO SL™ / HALO4360 is a revolutionary lighting system for hard hats. It illuminates the immediate work area and, at the same time, creates 360° visibility for a quarter-mile. This allows the user to see and to be seen by others more quickly .

Safety helmets or hard hats are often worn in situations with an increased risk of poor visibility. Think of poorly lit or dark environments with a lots of activity and movement of people, machines, equipment and traffic. Here, the unique HALO™ SL helmet light is at its best to help improve visibility, recognition and safety in the workplace.

TOOL & BOX are the exclusive EU importer of the HALO™ SL. In addition, we own, produce and distribute our own label TAB Professional Lighting® – a wide work lighting portfolio for professionals in construction, industry, automotive and agriculture.

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