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Our hearing system is a very complex and sensitive organ that needs to be treated carefully. It plays a major part in our ability to function whether to be able to communicate, take pleasure in music or handle risk situations. The hearing organ is delicate. High noise exposures not only disturb our communication, but can have direct serious consequences which not everyone is aware of. The most harmful effect is noise damage, and this is an irreversible process. Noise induced deafness ranks in the top 3 of the occupational illnesses in many countries.

The mission of Variphone since 1988 has clearly focused on the development of a wide range of products that can be used in the battle against noise damage or for the enhancement of hearing communication. From passive hearing protectors to highly advanced custom made earpieces with built-in electronics, our work is always dedicated to comfort and protection for our product wearer.

Whilst our organisation is growing rapidly, the way we do business remains the same. We believe in quality, service, personal care and are committed to do all that is possible to help you in the battle against noise harm.

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