KEEPR line system

KEEPR line system


The KEEPR cable system provides continuous security through the intermediate points to which one can attach. The system is designed in such a way that it is able to accommodate different angles and building shapes.

KEEPR can be attached to almost any surface. These substrates include, for example, standing seam roofs, sandwich panels, hollow-core slabs and (cellular) concrete. All this has been tested at Notified Body Satra under the EN795:2012 type A & C standard and the CEN/TS 16415:2013.

KEEPR works with an anchoring system designed to protect three simultaneous users. The rust-free line system glides smoothly over all points allowing the user to move completely freely over the roof. Due to the modularity of the system, KEEPR parts can be easily replaced despite the permanent attachment.

Due to the modularity of the system, KEEPR components can be replaced despite the permanent attachment to the roof.
The system has base plates with different coatings that allow it to adhere to all types of roofing material. This allows it to be attached, for example, to roofs with a roof covering as a top layer, but also to steel roofs by means of the 8 mm pop rivets. On standing seam roofs, the system is attached by means of a standing seam clamp, so the roof is not pierced.

The forces released during a fall are largely reduced by the unique absorption technology. This technology has been developed on the basis of materials used in the aerospace industry. The patented absorption system is a three-stage system consisting of a deforming base plate, a patented polyurethane damper and stainless steel damper that is included in the anchor modules.

The KEEPR is delivered to you with minimal packaging, in order to reduce the environmental impact of too much waste. The delivery consists of a pallet box containing the anchors with protective cover, the cable and a box for fasteners.






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