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Smart Badge

Get to know the Smart Badge technology

As a visitor, you can easily collect information during your visit to Worksafe. Thanks to the “SmartBadge technology” you can simply scan the interesting stands with your visitor badge that you will receive at your arrival. After your visit you receive all the information of the scanned stands in your mailbox.

Every exhibitor completes their online profile prior to the event. All the information from this profile will be sent to you after the show. The more detailed the profile of the exhibitor is, the more information you will receive. Even when there was no face-to-face conversation with the exhibitor you will still be able to collect relevant information! A visit to an event was never this efficient.

Two steps to success

  1. At every stand you will see one or more green sign(s). Are you interested in the products of the exhibitor? Then simply touch the reader on the green sign with your visitor badge. When you hear a ‘beep’ sound and see the green sign light up you know your action has succeeded.
  2. The day after you visited Worksafe you will receive one e-mail including an overview of all the information that you collected while visiting the event. This e-mail will also include some recommendations of exhibitors we believe will be interesting for you.

Benefits for you

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